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Opinions of the Circuit Court since October 1999


MM98-06594A-XX Oct. 1999 Gaskins v. State
MM97-13533A-XX Nov. 1999 State v. Johnson
MM99-00037A-LD Dec. 1999 Robinson v. State
MM98-02688A-LD Dec. 1999 Parks v. State
MM97-00397A-LD Jan. 2000 Lovett v. State
MM98-06463A-XX Feb. 2000 Mills v. State
MM98-08955A-XX Feb. 2000 Stone v. State
MM-98-10213A-XX March 23, 2000 Lopez v. State
MM99-05681A-XX  March 24, 2000 Lunsford v. State
MM99-00241A-XX April 14, 2000 Warden v. State
MM99-00277A-XX April 14, 2000 Moore v. State
MM99-031361-XX April 14, 2000 Fussell v. State
MM96-06360A-XX May 8, 2000 Miller v. State
MM98-04990A-XX May 16, 2000 Elinor v. State
MM99-00588A-LD June 6, 2000 London v. State
MM99-00395A-AP June 15, 2000 May v. State
MM98-038694A-XX July 7, 2000 Gellerstedt v. State
MM98-02580A-LD Aug. 2000 Davis v. State
MM98-038694A-XX  Aug. 8, 2000 Gellerstedt v. State
MM98-09390A-XX Aug. 8, 2000 Cameron v. State
MM99-05407A-XX Feb. 7, 2001 Kronjack v. State
MM00-02191A-XX June 2001 Walton v. State
MM00-07554A-XX Aug 2001 Oyster v. State
MM00-07538A-XX Oct 2001 Darby v. State
MM00-00487A-WH Oct 2001 Griffin v. State
MM00-07538A-XX Oct 2001 Darby v. State
MM00-00487A-WH Oct 2001 Griffin v. State
MM00-09933A-XX Nov 2001 Bramble v. State
MM00-09177A-XX Nov 2001 Butler v. State
MM00-00715A-XX Nov 2001 Conner v. State
MM00-02162A-XX Nov 2001 Wofford v. State
MM00-02628A-XX Dec 2001 Jones v. State
MM00-00068A-BA Dec 2001 Williams v. State
MM00-00835A-LD Dec 2001 Shapley v. State
MM00-10808A-XX April 2002 Adams v. State
MM00-00405-XX Jan 2002 Inclema v. State
MM00-00971A-AP Feb 2002 Brown v. State
MM00-10804A-XX Feb 2002 Lands v. State
MM00-00739A-LD Feb 2002 Patterson v. State
MM99-01038A-SB Feb 2002 (amended) Russell v. State
MM01-811A-XX March 2002 Coon v. State
MM00-06339A-XX March 2002 Gundel v. State
MM00-1729A-LD April 2002 Law v. State
MM00-10446A-XX June 2002 Davis v. State
MM00-06751A-XX June 2002 Ekes v. State
MM00-05561A-XX June 2002 Denton v. State
MM00-05076A-XX June 2002 Heath v. State
MM01-2673A-XX June 2002 Peachee v. State
MM00-00624A-XX June 2002 McCall v. State
MM01-00516A-AP June 2002 Sutton v. State
MM01-03627A-XX June 2002 Williams v. State
MM00-00738A-WUW July 2002 Howell v. State


TT00-006464-XX June 2002 Yim v. State
TT00-003550-XX June 2002 Kirby v. State
TT01-000054-SB April 2002 Kelley v. State
TT00-005866-XX April 2002 Grizelle v. State
TT00-005796-XX April 2002 Chippas v. State
TT00-000359-LD March 2002 State v. Ellis
TT00-002547-LD Feb 2002 Scott v. State
TT00-000431-WH Feb 2002 Thomas v. State
TT01-001080-XX Jan 2002 Johnson v. State
TT00-002528-LD Oct. 2001 Jenkins v. State
TT00-000028-XX October 2001 Hilton v. State
TT00-001680-XX Sept 2001 Jackson v. State
TT00-000436-SB June 2001 Polk v. State
TT99-003693-XX Feb. 2001 Byrd v. State
TT99-000545-LP Feb. 2001 Thurber v. State
TT99-000040-BA Oct. 1999 Finkel v. State
TT95-002973-LD Oct. 1999 Ranson v. State
TT97-001548-LD Nov. 1999 Strickland v. State
TT99-000422-XX Nov. 1999 Hall v. State
TT97-000860-XX Jan. 2000 Phelps v. State
TT99-000179-AA Jan. 2000 Andrade v. State
TT99-000412-XX Feb. 2000 Heuerman v. State
TT98-001194-LP Feb. 2000 Hammonds v. State
TT99-00718A-XX March 6, 2000 McKissack v. State
99-0568CT32  Mar. 17, 2000 Best v. State
TT98-06223-XX March 28, 2000 Davis v. State
TT98-000825-WH March 29, 2000 Bikell v. State


98-CC11-2632 May 2002 Rule v. Builders Construction
99-CC11-2697 January 2002 State Farm v. Atmore
99-CC11-1293 March, 2000 Huntington Roofing v. Schmitt
98-CC11-309 April 11,2000 United Security Alliance v. Love's Auto Sales
98-CC11-309 May17, 2000 Rehearing United Security Alliance v. Love's Auto Sales
00-CC-99213 June 27, 2000 Spradley v. Peters
00-CC11-1102 April 12, 2001 Thom McGhee Aircraft v. Winter Haven
99-CCS-83 April 18, 2001 Infinity Insurance v. Johnson


CI01-2386-XX June 2002 Rashley v. State
CI00-198-AA Dec 2001 Cromer v. State
CI99-044975A-XX March 27, 2001 Carson v. State
CI99-004702-LD Oct. 1999 Buchan v. State
CI99-000852-LD Nov. 1999 Hollander v. State
CI98-048218-XX Feb. 2000 Damaris v. State
CI99-01858-XX April 14, 2000 Lee v. State
CI99-011862-XX  August 2000 Rogers v. State

SP98-372  May 1, 2000

Pannier v. Orwick

99-SP13-0747 May 18, 2000

Williams v. Arnold

99-SP14-0147 June 2000

Kokolakis Contracting v. Mitco Water Laboratories

SP98-541 Jan. 2001 Pool Paradise v. Baldwin
MM01-03757A-XX July 2002 Hannam v. State
GC-G01-4594 June 2002 Gary's Grading, Inc. v. Polk County
GCG013236 Jan 2002 Phillips v. DHMV

CO01-00056A-XX Nov. 2001

Fisher v. State

GCG01-2337 Oct 2001 Eavns S. State
GCG01-0234 Sept 2001 Frielinghaus v. DHMV

GCG00-4327 Aug 2001

Pinette v. State

GCG01-1677 Aug 2001

Gouge v. DHMV

CE98-6708R  Mar. 2001

Ma v. Polk County

GCG01-2337 Aug 2001

Evans v. State

MM00-01366A-SB July 2001 McDade v. State
GCG01-2329 Nov 2001 Robbins v. Polk County
GCG-01-1042 July 2001 Addison v. DHMV
DD-55 June 2001 Evans v. State

GC-G00-4163 Feb. 2001

Bankers Financial v. City of Lakeland

GCG01-000257 Jan. 2001

Newsome v. Moore

GCG99-2997 Feb. 2000

Burns v. City of Winter Haven

GCG00-0775 March 8, 2000

Garcia v. DHMV

GCG99-3882 March 8, 2000

Garner v. DHMV

GCG99-0022 April 2, 2000

Pattey v. State

GCG99-3800 May 3, 2000

Holmes v. DHMV

GCG00-3011 June 2000 Atwall v. Polk BOCC
G00-001307  June 2000 Rouse v. DHMV
GCG00-3012 June 2, 2000 Green v. Polk BOCC  

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