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Dear Family and Children Service Provider:

On behalf of the Tenth Judicial Circuit, I want to offer my hope that this Family Law Referral Guide becomes a valuable resource for you and that you and your associates will refer to it often. Court staff in the Tenth Circuit are very pleased to enter a partnership with the United Way of Central Florida in order to produce this useful resource. We are asking for your assistance in keeping the information accurate. If phone numbers, addresses, personnel and referral information changes, please be sure to let us know by calling the Office of the Court Administrator at (863) 534-4690.

The production and dissemination of this Referral Guide were made possible by a focus grant from the Florida Supreme Court. Special thanks are deserved by Tenth Judicial Circuit Court employees, Linda Clinton, Domestic Violence Coordinator, Cherie Simmers, Family Law Coordinator, and Maria Bravo-Uvanni, Family Law Case Manager, June Barnett of the United Way of Central Florida and the members of the Family Court Resource Guide Committee. This Court also expresses its appreciation to all of you for the services you provide to families and children in the Tenth Circuit.


Ronald A. Herring,

Chief Judge

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This directory is intended to provide a comprehensive listing of the services available to children and families in the Tenth Judicial Circuit (Hardee, Highlands and Polk counties). However, it is highly likely that some service providers are not mentioned here because they did not respond to a questionnaire several months ago, or because the persons responsible for this directory did not know of the organization’s existence. For this reason, we encourage you to call and let us know of other organizations that provide these services or if you think that information is erroneous or incomplete. Inclusion of an agency or organization does not indicate an endorsement from the United Way or the Tenth Judicial Circuit, nor does omission indicate a lack of endorsement.

We thank the listed agencies/organizations for providing the information that made this directory possible. The service descriptions are brief and should be used only as a general guide. For more detailed information, it is recommended that you contact the organization/agency directly.

This information is also available on the Web site for the United Way of Central Florida at www.uwcf.org.

The directory is in PDF format and you will need the Adobe Reader to view the file. If you do not have the reader, it is available for free from www.adobe.com.


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