Law Enforcement Numbers

Court Administration, Nick Sudzina Court Administrator

Court Administrator 863-534-4690
Drug Court 863-534-4612
Guardian Ad Litem 863-534-4605
Pretrial Services 863-534-4617
Pro Se 863-534-4015
Witness Management 863-534-4020


Staff attorneys

Greg Atkinson Staff attorneys are an invaluable aid to the Court. Among their duties is to research and make sure that the Judges always have the most up to date case law in complex cases.

As they cannot give legal advice to litigants, their phone numbers are not published.

David Brueckheimer
Crystal Hood
Michael LeVasseur
Dana Moore
Paul Nguyen
Garci Perez


Probation Department

Bartow 863-534-4125
Lakeland 863-603-6431
Winter Haven 863-401-2410
Lake Wales 863-678-4126


Clerk's Office Numbers  Richard M. Weiss, Clerk

Administration 863-534-4540
Auditing 863-534-6511
County Civil & Marriage 863-534-4567
Circuit Civil 863-534-4488
County Criminal 863-534-4446
Domestic Relations Depository 863-534-4514
Domestic Relations Enforcement 863-534-4592
Domestic Violence 863-534-4180
Family Mediation 863-534-4698
Felony 863-534-4471
Finance/Personnel 863-534-4411
Historial & Genealogical Library 863-534-4386
Jury Management 863-534-4568
Juvenile 863-534-4549
Lakeland Branch Courthouse 863-603-6412
Mailroom 863-534-4532
Micrographics 863-534-4401
Records/Evidence 863-534-4408
Official Records 863-534-4524
Probate 863-534-4478
Winter Haven Branch Courthouse 863-401-2400

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Updated 07/19/04